Technology for safer seas

We can never make the sea calm, but we can make the ships that sail on it safer - by using advanced Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) technology to investigate and uncover the real causes of marine incidents. In this area, nothing is doing more to help the world's ship owners and managers than the pioneering range of Broadgate Voyage Event Recorders (VERs).
Unrivalled experience
For over 17 years, Broadgate Voyage Event Recorders have been fitted on almost every conceivable type of ship, including Ro-Ro ferries, bulk carriers, container ships, coasters, tankers and passenger vessels. As a result, millions of hours of operating experience have been acquired, experience which no other company in the world can match. This experience has been recognised and called upon by both the UK Marine and Coastguard Agency and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) during the process of developing and introducing international legislation for VDRs and Simplified Voyage Data Recorders (S-VDRs). Our world leadership in the development of VDRs is maintained through consistent and continuing investment in new technology and on-going research and development.


The VER4000-S

Following on from the VER3000 and with years of design and development work,we are proud to introduce the fourth generation VER4000-S Simplified Voyage Data Recorder.This new system records a vast array of onboard activity, including audio (both speech and ambient sound), radar, time, position, speed, heading, telegraph demand, engine and propeller activity, as well as a host of additional information.
As every ship is unique,we have designed the VER4000-S to be totally flexible to allow easy integration into the many different systems that we have encountered. In order to achieve this adaptability and to allow user-friendly playback of the recorded information, our engineers break new ground at the cutting edge of technology. This technology, now patent protected, gives unsurpassed advantages in recording onboard activity. Yet this range of capabilities has been achieved without sacrificing the key benefits of simplicity and reliability: the onboard equipment operates fully automatically, with no need for attention except in the event of an incident.The Broadgate VER4000-S complies fully with IEC Technical Standard IEC 61996-II.
A range of options and unique equipment interfaces

Our unique experience of Voyage Data Recorders means that the VER4000-S is available with a comprehensive range of equipment interfaces, including all current radar types and many types of data source.This means that systems can be installed on virtually any vessel without special engineering or development work. The VER4000-S has been designed in a modular format that allows customers to maximise the benefits of installing a Voyage Data Recorder cost effectively.A range of options is available to allow each system to meet the individual requirements of a particular vessel.
Worldwide service and support
This market-leading VDR is supported by a global service and installation network, which spans over 140 offices in 44 countries.Training and expansion of this network is an ongoing exercise,which continues to ensure that wherever a ship is in the world, installation, surveying and maintenance assistance is close at hand.