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TZ Professional software has been designed to answer the navigation needs and requirements of all professional seafarers. With features that are truly cutting-edge, TIMEZERO software has two main objectives: Supreme control and performance. Discover in this section how TIMEZERO software caters to your needs no matter your activity.

What else can TZ Professional do for you?
Professional activities at sea vary enormously and depending on whether you are a commercial or sports fisherman, if you drive a workboat or race in competitions. Each individual will of course have requirements that are unique to that particular activity.
Whilst the combination of safety and performance remain the keystone for every professional at sea, other requirements such as a dedicated workspace, compatibility and the processing of your instruments data and the impact of specific weather variations are vital for some and less so for others.
That’s why we invite you to visit the following section that will help you to find the best fit for your activity.
The following system requirements must be fulfilled to run TZ Professional v3:
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1, Windows® 8.1 or Windows® 10
  • CPU 2 GHz
  • 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
  • Minimum - Intel HD4400 Graphic Chipset (i5 4th generation with HD4400 or above)
  • Recommended (for PBG and Multi monitor) - Dedicated Video Board with 1GB VRAM
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768 or higher (1280 x 800 or above highly recommended)
  • Hard Disk: 40 GB of free space
  • USB or Serial Port for connecting instruments via NMEA0183, Actisense USB NGT-1 for connecting instruments via NMEA2000 or 100 Base-T Network Adapter for Furuno Ethernet Sensors
Base Software Features(1):
Supported PC Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (only for TIMEZERO v3)
Connection to Instruments: NMEA0183, NMEA2000 or Furuno NavNet Network (for Navigation Data Only)
Autopilot Output Connection (NMEA0183 only)
Exclusive TIMEZERO Chart Engine (2D and 3D View with Seamless Chart Redraw without limited range presets)
Advanced Professional User Interface
New "Action" NavData allows to configure any actions to a button
Day, Dusk and Night Mode
Worldwide Planning Charts (base map)
Worldwide 3D Database (Base Map)
mm3d Raster or Vector chart compatibility (from various manufacturers such as C-MAP, Navionics or MapMedia)
Import S57 Charts (NOAA ENC)
Exclusive TIMEZERO PhotoFusion (intelligent mix of satellite photos and nautical charts)
Depth Shading (color according to depth overlaid on the chart)
Custom Depth Shading (user selectable colors according to depth)Optional
New Profile Window on Divider and TracksOptional
Custom Contour LinesOptional
Worldwide Tide Database
Tidal Currents for North America
Optional Western European High Resolution Tidal Current (refer to chart catalog for availability)Optional
Optional Accurate High Resolution Satellite Photos for Bahamas and Europe (refer to chart catalog for availability)Optional
Multi-level Undo & Redo
Track Recording (with track recall feature)
Track Line Coloring (according to SST, Speed, Depth...)
Advanced Route Planning Wizard (Route Departure Time Optimization according to Tidal Current)
Search & Rescue (SAR) route Patterns
Anti-Grounding Cone (alarm in real time are triggered)
Planning Route Safety Check
Lost Sensor Alarm
Print Route Feature
New Odometer NavData (Duration, Distance, Max Speed, Average Speed)
Unlimited Marks, Waypoints & Routes
Boundaries, Circles, Lines and Annotations
Layer and Marks Management
Advanced events management
Improvement to layer management (presets allowing customer to create “group” of layer)
New Event NavData allows to quickly drop event with the mouse
Loran C & Decca grid
Marks and Routes transfer to GPS (2)
Worldwide Place Name Search
POIs: Import your own Photos ("My Pictures") with Automatic Geolocation
POIs: ActiveCaptain (Interactive Cruising Guidebook)
GRIB Weather File compatibility
Weather Data Service (Rain, Cloud, Air Temperature, Wind, Waves, Oceanic Currents, Pressure)
Ocean Data Service (Sea Surface Temperature, Plankton)
Weather Forecast, Tides and Currents Animation
Alarms (Anchor Alarm, CPA/TCPA Alarm, Depth Alarm, and more…)
Alarm Zone NavData (know at any time the closest alarm zone)
Alarm can also be set to trigger when AIS and ARPA targets enter Alarm Zone
AIS and MARPA Target Display (with targets list)
AIS and MARPA Graphic CPA
Target Track Recording
AutomaticTarget Trail
Advanced AIS Management (Target Activation)
AIS MKD allowing to set Voyage Data and Navigational Status (Moored, Navigation…)
AIS messages can be sent and received (addressed “normal” and “safety” messages)
AIS Marine Traffic compatibility (Global AIS feed through an Internet connection)
Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and Man Over Board (MOB)
Fleet Tracking ("PosRep" files support)
Fishing Buoys
AXIS IP Cameras and Video Converter Support (Control and Tracking)
FLIR Thermal Camera Integration (M-Series Control and Tracking)
Dual or Triple monitors extended mode
Fuel Management (Fuel Range Ring, Route Warning, Distance to Empty, Time to Empty)
High Resolution 3D bathy (on selected area only) ( Optional )
TZ Radar Module (with Furuno Radar) includes (Optional)
NavNet 3D/TZtouch DRS and FAR2XX7 network connection (view and control the radar)
Shared Charts Licensing with NavNet 3D and NavNet TZtouch
Route Synchronization with NavNet 3D and NavNet TZtouch
Full Screen Radar Work Space and Chart Radar Overlay
New local ARPA Algorithm with Automatic ARPA acquisition (guard zone)
TZ Sounder Module (with Furuno Sounder) includes (Optional)

DFF1, BBDS1, DFF1-UHD, DFF3 & FCV1150 (3) Network Connection (view and control the sounder)
Full Screen Sounder Work Space with echogram history
TZ Routing Module includes (Optional)
Routing according to wind, waves and currents
Isochrones with SailSet overlay
Alternate routing
Routing Detail (List)
Routing and Weather Animation
Laylines (requires wind sensor)
Polar workspace : to display and modify Wind and SailSet Polar files
Polar % modification
Adjusting GRIB Weather files
Routing variability calculation and display
TZ PBG Module includes (Optional)

New Fishing WorkSpace allowing to customize depth shading and contour lines
Dynamic extrapolation (more accurate and faster)
Unlimited color scale for the Discrete Depth Shading
Automatic detection and removal of bad PBG data
New redesign “3D” WorkSpace
New “PBG Soundings” allowing to display PBG data using soundings on the chart at all scale
TZ WASSP Multi-Beam Module (Optional)

Connect to WASSP G1 & G2 & G3
Record depth and backscatter data
TZ DFF3D Multi-Beam Module (Optional)

Connect to DFF3D
Display various sonar screens such as Section, Multi-Sounder, Side Scan and Water Column
TZ VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) Module (Optional)

TZ S63 ENC Module (Optional)
Product Presentation Video

Product Manuals

Release notes

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