The Furuno FELCOM 15 consists of an antenna and display unit with keyboard. The display unit embodies a 10.4 color LCD and processor unit. The distress alert button is incorporated in the display for emergency. Data files and utility program on floppy disks are easily loaded into the processor through the front loading disk drive in the display unit. The compact design of display unit and omni-directional antenna unit offer space-saving installation. An optional GPS module is available for position reporting without operator's intervention. GMDSS compliance can be achieved by adding a printer and a AC/DC power supply unit.


Furuno Felcom 15 Standard Features

  • Full coverage of Inmarsat-C services: EGC, Internet E-mail, distress message handling, polling, and data reporting
  • General data exchange, telex, etc.
  • GMDSS compliant with optional printer, AC/DC power supply unit
  • Shipborne LAN connection by Ethernet 10Base-T
  • 10.4 COLOR LCD Display Unit for improved legibility of incoming and outgoing messages
  • GPS position reporting
  • Remote distress alert unit
  • Two component system allows easy installation
  • Optional software for Windows PC to run E-mail/Telex
  • Optional internal GPS module