Furuno Felcom 18 INMARSAT-C Mobile Earth Station

The Furuno Felcom 18 Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station keeps your vessel connected to land even when out to sea!  The Felcom 18 uses a mobile antenna, display unit and integrated distress alert button. 
The entire use of Inmarsat-C system is enabled including: EGC, distress messages, email, and two-way digital store-and-forward messaging.
The Furuno Felcom 18 features ports for easy connection with SD Memory cards, computers, and a GPS module to provide automated vessel position reports.  You can make the Felcom 18 GMDSS compliant if you add an ac/dc power supply and printer.



Furuno Felcom 18 Features

  • Inmarsat-C Mobile Earth Station terminal for GMDSS application
  • Optional printer and AC/DC power supply will make unit GMDSS compatible
  • SSAS capability with SSAS Alert Unit
  • LRIT application compatible
  • Use a variety of communications including telex,FAX, emailing, EGC, data reporting/polling, etc.
  • SD card for recording media
  • Optional GPS engine to enable FELCOM18 to output GPS data



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