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VDR/SVDR (APT) & Service

Marinsat Marine Electronics & IT Solutions' desire to respond much better to customer needs has resulted in certification to carry out an Annual Performance Test (APT) for many brands' (Simplified) Voyage Data Recorder systems (S)VDR. The purpose of these tests is fairly simple: to determine that a VDR or (S)VDR is fully operational, as defined in the manufacturers’ specifications.


Transparency is essential for surveyors or inspectors of flag administration at port states or other recognized organizations. There is a need to have a document that clearly lists all the interfaces which have been checked to confirm compliance with the appropriate International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) test standards.

Whenever you need assistance, one of our qualified and well-experienced technicians is available to attend your vessel straight away. All the leading manufacturers have trained our technicians thoroughly. To see which classes we are approved for please visit this page.


As a result of our solution-seeking nature, we are able to support the mentioned manufacturer’s products with a full range of consumable spare-parts, including batteries and acoustic beacons. Whether we need to carry out APT’s in Europe from our Istanbul office or other branch offices in Europe, as well as Africa and the Middle East, we are fully prepared for each task. Worldwide APT service is also available upon request. Repair is possible as well and is supported by qualified technicians and a full range of parts from our stock. In the unfortunate event of an incident, we can be on scene instantly to retrieve VDR data for the authorities, owners and insurance companies.